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The "Dagobah" Star Wars Fan Association of Gorzow, the 501st Legion Polish Outpost and the "Mam marzenie" Foundation are proud to announce a Star Wars convention, to be held August 3-5 in Gorzow Wielkopolski, titled "DAGOBAH 2007 - Be like Lord Vader"!

Acting as special guest of the convention is Wojtek, a ten-year-old Star Wars fan from Kostrzyn, who is suffering with cystic fibrosis. His dream is to have his own Darth Vader outfit, meet other Star Wars fans and become a Dagobah 2007 participant. Together with the "Mam marzenie" Foundation, we will make the young boy's dream come true.

Furthermore, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Gerald Home - the British actor who played Tessek and Mon Calamari Officer in "Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" - has accepted our invitation and will be attending Dagobah 2007, making it his first visit in Poland!

We are honoured to inform that other distinguished guests will be making their appearances at this year's edition of Dagobah convention. Staszek Maderek, a well-known director, producer, special effects expert and Star Wars fan, was kind enough to accept our invitation. It also gives us great pleasure to announce that members of the 501st Legion German Garrison will join our convention guest-list.

Co-organising the event is Mr. Jan Tomaszewicz, Director of the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Gorzow. The theatre's chambers will serve as convention headquarters, where nearly all Dagobah events will take place.

Mr. Home, along with Polish Star Wars fans, have agreed to help make young Wojtek's dream come true. Thank you very much, Gerald.

Juliusz Osterwa Theatre website (in Polish): website

Gerald Home's website: website

Convention annoucement at TheForce.net: here

Convention annoucement and extra information at Imperial City Online (in Polish): here

31.07.2007 r.
Ostateczny plan konwentu już jest!

24.07.2007 r.
Paul Blake kolejny aktor "Star Wars" na DAGOBAH 2007

23.07.2007 r.
"Gwiezdny Tramwaj" na ulicach Gorzowa Wlkp.

23.07.2007 r.
Spektakle teatralne na "Dagobah 2007"

12.07.2007 r.
"Gwiazda w Czerni"
na Dagobah 2007

Ticket Prices (after 30 July 2007):
[03.08] friday - 8 zł    [04.08] saturday - 15 zł    [05.08] - sunday - 9 zł
[All 3 days acreditation] - 30 zł
Ticket Price (before 30 July 2007):
[All 3 days acreditation] - 20 zł

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