PROGRAMME (last aktualiztion - 31.07.2007.)

Official Programme of the Convention:

Friday, August 3

(city streets)

2pm-6pm - "Star Tram" - an antique tram will be riding through the streets of Gorzow. For your enjoyment, the driver, Lord Vader himself, has prepared many Star Wars attractions.

(theatre small stage)

3pm-4pm - "Celebration Europe, part one" - an account of the largest European Star Wars convention, as witnessed by members of the Polish Outpost

4pm-5pm - "Star Wars trilogy 30 years later" - a contest (Marcin "Martinus" Szulzycki)

5pm-6pm - "Methods of Slicing" - a lecture on lightsabre combat philosophy (Michal "Misiek" Wolski)

10pm-11pm - "Balance of the Force" - a discussion and a lecture (Michal "Misiek" Wolski).

(theatre summer stage)

7pm - ceremonial opening of the 2nd edition of the Dagobah Star Wars convention:
A) welcoming Guests;
B) presentation of the "Mam Marzenie" foundation;
c) Wojtek and his dream.

8pm-9pm - "Oy! Pick up the phone, a Jawa's calling!" - a contest

9.30pm - presentation of the "Dagobah" Star Wars Fan Association of Gorzow

10pm - "The Muppet Show" with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

10.30pm - conclusion of the 1st day of the convention; and a surprise.

(theatre park)

8pm - "A Feast on Tatooine" - an event with Star Wars contests and games

8.30pm - "Run, Gonk, Run" - a contest (not only for droids)

9pm - "1st Official Attack on the Death Star - 30 years later" - a contest

9.30pm - "Live Podcast" - a Star Wars podcast recorded live with an audience (Michal "Misiek" Wolski & Wedge)

10pm - "A Sith from a Fiery Planet" - a play by the Fire Theatre of Wroclaw (Michal Szczypek)

(boulevard over the river Warta)

11pm - a Star Wars firework show


Saturday, August 4

(large stage)

10am-11am - "Star Wars on TV" - a lecture (Bartek "Burzol" Burzynski)

11am-12am - presentation of the Star Wars Artistic Team (S.W.A.T.) Association (Michal "Pazdzioch" Dziwniel & Zuzanna "Gilraen" Kominczyk)

4pm-5pm - presentation of the Utapau Star Wars Fanclub of Skierniewice and screening of scenes from their fan-film, titled "Treasure of the Shadows"

5pm-6pm - presentation of the Kamino Star Wars Fan Assiociation of Tricity (Jarek "Yaro" Wójcik)

6pm-7pm - presentation of a movie, titled "The Way of Destiny"

7pm-8pm - "A Star in Black" - Staszek Maderek, an actor and director, will talk about his latest movie, titled "Stars in Black"

8pm-8.15pm - presentation of the "Mam Marzenie" foundation

8.30pm-9.30pm - OUR SPECIAL GUESTS, GERALD HOME and PAUL BLAKE - a meeting with Star Wars actors

9.30pm - "Be like Lord Vader" - a performance produced by Cezary Zolynski, an actor of the Gorzow theatre

10.15pm - conclusion of the 2nd day of the convention.

(small stage)

10am-11am - "Could These Eyes Tell Lies?" - a contest (Polish IceHeart - Marta "Pieczyfko" Piekarz)

11am-12am - "Life on Endor - a Scout Trooper's Tale" - a lecture (Marek "Kielo" Kielak)

4pm-5pm - "All You Want to Know About Stormtroopers" - a lecture (Maciej "Maska" Skawiński)

5pm-6pm - "Life Among the Sands - a Tusken Raider's Tale" - a lecture (Michał "YangObi" Zolynski)

6pm-7pm - "Star Wars Oldies" - a lecture (Kuba Turkiewicz)

7pm-8pm - "Fleets in Star Wars" - a lecture

8pm-9pm - "Celebration Europe, part two" - an account of the largest European Star Wars convention, as witnessed by members of the Polish Outpost

(city streets)

12am - "Little Star Wars Parade" through the streets Gorzow (route: J. Osterwa's Theatre - Teatralna Street - Sikorskiego Street - Cathedral Square)

12.20am-3.30pm (Cathedral Square) - a three-hour event:
A) "Fashion from a Faraway Galaxy" - best costume contest and fashion show (citizens of Gorzow will determine the winner, who will receive the "Golden Wookiee Fluff" trophy;
B) "Wojtek's Dream" (Mam Marzenie foundation) - making Wojtek's dream come true - ceremonial presenting of the Lord Vader costume by Star Wars actors;
C) Presentation of professional "bad guy" costumes by members of the 501st Legion Polish Outpost;
D) Presentation of professional "good guy" costumes by members of the Rebel Legion Eagle Outpost;
E) "Walk with me, AT-AT" - an Imperial walker contest;
F) autographs, "Han Solo in Carbonite" installation, etc.

(summer stage)

4pm-5.30pm - a demonstration of the latest PackedModel TCG (Piotr "Solo7th" Mielewczyk & Lukasz "Ragnus" Dobosiewicz)

6pm-7pm - "1st International Death Star MSE-6 Races" - a contest (Grzegorz "ZaxonSpox" Pettri)

7pm-8pm - "Learn to speak Mandalorian" - a lecture (Grzegorz "Ki Adi Mundi" Pienkowski & Patrycja "Lady Morte" Wieczorek).

(theatre cafe)

4pm - a press conference with actors GERALD HOME and PAUL BLAKE.

(theatre gallery)

11am - ceremonial opening of the Star Wars Art Gallery.


Sunday, August 8

(large stage)

10am-11am - "Your Own 3D Effects in Movies" - how to introduce 3D fx to your own movie, in several easy steps (Maciej "Maska" Skawiński)

11am-12am - "Clone Wars" - animated Star Wars, not only for the youngest

12am-1pm - "Celebration Europe, part three" - an account of the largest European Star Wars convention, as witnessed by members of the Polish Outpost

1pm-1.30pm - "The Muppet Show" with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

2pm - ceremonial closing of the Dagobah 2007 convention.

(small stage)

10am-12am - Star Wars TCG Tournament (Michal "YangObi" Zolynski)

12am-1pm - presentation of the "Our Side of the Force" movie project (Michal "Pazdzioch" Dziwniel i Jaroslaw "Jaro" Wojcik)

1pm-2pm - "Imperial Armour" - a lecture (Maciej "Maska" Skawinski).

(summer stage)

12am-1pm - "What's R2-D2 Squealing About?" - a performance for the youngest participants, with Gorzow theatre actors.

(theatre park)

10am-12am - "The Way to Kessel" - a Star Wars mini-LARP (Piotr "Tarkin" Polomski i Marcin "Martinus" Szulzycki).

Cezary "Sizar" Żołyński

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